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Project Management

Our project managers bring common sense to workplace furniture. It's about planning and process. Working side by side with you and your account executive, the project manager plans the entire process, coordinating the efforts of everyone involved

Space Planning

We help develop the appropriate relationships between common areas and workstations, between departments, teams and collaborating entities while maintaining productivity and job function, as well as the overall feel of the office environment.

Nationwide Installations

Installation is the last critical step that determines the outcome of a project. Our installers will handle every detail of your furniture installation. Our installation network is equipped to professionally handle projects from across town to across the country

Move Management

Our team works with you on all aspects of the move: analyzing existing and new facilities, contents, schedule, and budget. Together, we create the overall move plan and discuss ways to communicate with the employees before, during and afterwards.

3D Views and Renderings

Understanding the complexities of your space may require additional services such as 3D views or renderings. This computer-generated drawing depicts the actual proposal, giving you a better grasp of the design concept


If your project is delayed by build out or construction, or if for any reason your furniture must await installation, we have available facilities to safely warehouse your investment. From one chair to 250 workstations our professionals will work with you to identify the most cost effective solution to your storage needs.

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